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Vegas Memory

 I had meant to post this earlier, just so you can see the stuff that happens to me.

While we were shopping for a new car (in Vegas), we stopped off at Lexus.  Since that's the type of car we were replacing it was not a big deal.  We sat in the newer model (GS350) and then I think we ended up test driving the 450.  I think it has a bigger engine.  I was too busy wiping up the hubby's drool to really care much.

This dealership has some sort of thing where THEY have to drive it off the lot.  We noticed the fuel light was on and mentioned it to the guy.  He assured us that there was plenty to take us on the 1 block test drive.  (ONE BLOCK?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

He gets it off the lot and takes a right hand turn.  He then pulls over on the side of a busy road and as he does.... Yeah, you guessed it.  The car ran out of gas.  

Needless to say, we did not buy a Lexus.  We wouldn't have bought ANYTHING from that guy.  Who runs that risk on a sale, seriously?  He ended up running back to the dealership to get another car to pick us up. It took around 15 minutes or so for him to come back.  He asks us to test drive something else and we just weren't interested.  Hubby was too tall for the 450 for some odd reason.  The different chassis must sit up JUST enough higher than the 350 to cause this.
Yeah, I can't figure out why car salesmen don't take us seriously?  It's not like we're super young like we used to be.  Man, it took us SO Much time to get attention when we were both in our 20s and shopping there.  The guy at BMW was awesome.  I wished he'd have had the car we wanted.  He turned us on to the Jag XF inadvertently.  They had a used one on their lot.  It was NICE.  We went over to Jag to check them out there and found one we liked in a color and interior we liked as well.  I just can't get on-board with tan.  It shows EVERYTHING on the inside.  Grey it is with Silver exterior.  Pretty predictable, but I like it.  I don't care what you say! :P

Today's TO-DO List

 Hard Rock - Cash in chips we somehow managed to bring home.
Bellagio - During a hectic meet-up time with an old High School friend, forgot to cash in a ticket.  If it was less than $5, I'd let it go but it's $50.
The Venetian - Grand Lux to grab one more piece of that fantastic red velvet cake.  Brings the grand total to TWO this whole trip.
Vegas Sign - Need to get daylight pictures (Have to do this before 8).
Finish Thank you Notes.
Do 2,547,432 loads of laundry with a slow dryer.
Clean out refrigerator and put out trash.
Take a shower.
Try on dresses and decide which one to keep - Send other back via Fed EX.
Get plane tickets purchased for Hawaii.

The race is on!  So glad I got Kia groomed yesterday.  Makes things a whole lot easier today.  

Hmm, I just noticed my paid Lj expired.  I'm not 100% positive it's worth paying for another year.  We shall see!
Can't believe we're already going home.  It seems like we just got here.  Boo!


Originally uploaded by Sunsplash
Here's the new baby. She's currently in the shop with a broken window. Thus, it begins.


Procrastination at it's finest

 ZOMG!  Why am I having a party again?  I should have given myself the gift of not having  a party.. Hahaha

The gift I give myself every year...

Didn't take long to cry this year!  One would think after 35 years, I wouldn't have to do it.  Bad timing with the cycle.  SERIOUSLY bad.  Oh well, let's hope the saying is true and it can only get better!  Although, I have made no plans to make sure it does.  It seems as though I do this to myself every year.  Next year, I vow to plan something truly spectacular for myself since no one else seems inclined.  Hah.


That pretty much sums up how I'm feeling.  I want to do something but I'm severely lacking in direction.

I had the fleeting thought of getting a job but it always makes me feel slightly guilty.  In an economy as terrible as this, I don't want to take a job that could actually make or break someone else's household.  (Man, sometimes I wish I could just be oblivious to everyone else.)  I'm leaning towards volunteering and that has it's own pitfalls.  When you don't have a reason to volunteer, people have a tendency to not take you seriously.  Perhaps this will be different this time around as I'm a 34 year old looking to volunteer not a 22 year old.  People look down upon youth so much when it comes to work ethic.  I may try the library at some point.  It's weird though to be expected to show up somewhere and be on a schedule and not be paid.  I need a volunteer gig that isn't going to freak out when I tell them that I can't work during June and will need a week off in July.  I also don't want to leave anyone empty handed if my path takes a turn.

Yeah, this is what I'm good at... over-analyzing.  

I think I'm going to close down the laptop (turn of the boob tube), maybe do some work in the kitchen and then pay bills.

I really do live such a glamorous life.  My Saturday nights leave me breathless!

60 minute panic

 My cousin called today and asked if he could stop in.  We have a bond.  I'm not sure when or where it exactly formed, but of my 25 cousins, I'd have to say we are the closest.  His Mom let me stay with them some summers and we were definitely NOT close then, but something happened while I was living in California and we have chatted a few times a month online ever since.

I was supposed to go down to my Grandma's and visit with him there, but he wanted to stop at my house.  Anytime someone wants to stop by my heart beats fast and panic sets in.  I will admit to you right now that I am an *AWFUL* housekeeper. I have clutter everywhere.  I try to keep it under control but I have some twisted disease that disallows any flat surface (save the floor) to stay clean and free of 'debris'.  I have no idea why this happens, but it's the way my life is.  In addition to this gnarly fact I still have, albeit boxed, Halloween decorations looming in my dining room.  Christmas has been put away, but Halloween still sits there.  Let's throw in the fact that I haven't vacuumed in almost 2 months.  Hubby took mercy upon me and did a quick once over in the living room when a dear friend stopped by 1 week post op.  I wasn't allowed to shovel/vacuum until a week ago.  Them's good times.  Oh, we all know I have a dog... yes?

So, I told him he could stop in if he promised not to tell everyone what a horrid housekeeper I am.  he seemed a bit surprised by this.  I spent the next hour cleaning like a madwoman.  I swept the whole main floor and spot checked for extra dusty areas and fur problems.  I'm so glad that I've spent the past week pecking away at my counter tops in the kitchen.  It could have been SO MUCH worse.

I think I may have scared the Hubby.  I was walking down the hallway and said "Oh lord, can you PLEASE help me?"  By the time I got to the computer room he was standing and looking at me very concerned.  My voice must have portrayed a much more dire situation.  He took a few minutes and made our bed and the guest bed and then rearranged the couch cushions back to normal while picking up a pair of dirty socks.

I love it when we work together as a team, but it always seems to take some sort of crisis.  Hah.

My cousin showed up and in his fancy new car.  It's very pretty and a Buick, but that's all I remember.  He didn't really comment on the house except to say it was nice.  I have a hard time separating the niceness of the house and my horrid housekeeping.  It is a nice house, but I don't keep it looking fantastic on the inside.

Needless to say an hour of cleaning left me pretty tired.  My belly is a bit achy from so much bending and pushing in such a short amount of time.  I cleaned the bathroom on the main floor from top to bottom and I'm just plum beat.  I keep on forgetting that I'm still not exactly 100%.  Ahhh, well.  

I'm going to try to swing by Grandma's tomorrow before I head to pick up the girls.  I'd love to see my cousin once more before he completes his move to Illinois.  We did have a nice visit.  I really like that guy.


I went for a walk today.  I took Kia along.  We had to walk along the road because there were still several sections covered in an slushy ice mixture.  Kia was disconcerted by this and swore she needed to walk down the middle of the road.

I digress.  As I started my walk I realize that it was the first time I wasn't FREEZING while outside in almost 3 months.  It was around 55 degrees and I couldn't get enough air.  I inhaled deeply over and over enjoying the smooth quality of the humid air as it filled my lungs.  I don't usually get cabin fever but with the 2 weeks of recovery and being couped up in the house and then the awful ice storm, I really haven't been outside much.  I don't think it matters how big the house is if you feel stranded and can't leave it.

I felt free and I felt my worries melt away even though it was short lived, it was fabulous.  Now I'm back to the same ole, same ole.  I feel like the Dad from the Twisted Sister video is screaming "WHat are YOUUUUUUUU gonna DOOO with your Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife?"

I think I shall go for 5 or 6 walks tomorrow. 

Sans Gallbladder

 I'm three and a half weeks post-op.  One of my incisions isn't healing as well as the other two, but what are you going to do?  Right now it looks as though I may have a second shallow belly button.  I'd never thought I'd utter these words but, "here's to hoping scar tissue fills it in".

I'm not afraid to eat most things now.  I had an incident with PF Chang's but aside from that things are going okay.  There's no pain involved in that sort of incident, just an urgency for a restroom.  I MEAN NOW.

I can still tell that my digestive track is trying to figure it all out.  I have indigestion here and there and still seem to be burping more than normal.  it's lessened in the past few days thought it's still there.  I can't slouch all the time (Probably not a bad thing?).  My gall bladder (lack there of?) area is still sensitive to intense pressure.  I am wearing jeans again!  I really disliked wearing those elastic wasted pants for so long.

I'm getting back to normal.  I'm still careful about bending over.  I never realized how far down the floor was until now.  Hubby has been a champion.  For the first 2 weeks I just left whatever fell on the floor there.  I would ask him to pick it up later.  He vacuumed once for me when a friend stopped by.

On a related note...  Hydrocodone and Demerol is great!  I usually freak out about my nieces rolling on the floor and getting covered in dog hair.  They came for a visit around 7pm on the day of my surgery.  I noticed one of the twins laying in the dog's bed WITH the dog in a full on body spoon.  I remember thinking "Hrm" then going back to chatting about nothing with another niece.  That would have prompted me to tell them to cut it out in normal times, but Demerol must really mellow me out. Hah!

I'm still alive.  I woke up.  That's the most important stuff.

Now, on to the next medical problem.  Having some pain in my heel and have been for about 5 months.  Time to get an insert or something and then get my life plan in order.  I want kids.  I need to figure out how to make that happen.  That's another medical story for another day. 

I'll be bahk.


My surgery is tomorrow.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous.  The control freak in me really hates anesthesia.  I'm also loathing the recovery.  I do everything around the house and know that it will just pile up while I'm down.  I'm sure Hubby will take good care of ME, but not so much with dishes or laundry.

I know how lucky I am to have someone like him in my life.  I guess I'm just finding things to worry about.  I still need to vacuum and do a little more cleaning so I'm less apt to trip or be annoyed while laying on the couch staring at all that needs to be done.

See ya gall bladder.  This is your last 8 hours.  Please, oh, PLEASE....  be better after you are gone!


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